Introducing Bundle DAO

Bundle DAO is a protocol built for passive, non-custodial portfolio management strategies while offering full exposure to the Binance Smart Chain DeFi ecosystem.

Traditional Indices

In traditional markets indices typically measure the performance of a bundle of assets intended to replicate a certain area of the market. These could be a broad-based index that captures the entire market, such as the S&P 500 Index or Dow Jones Industrial Average, or more specialized such as indexes that track a particular industry or segment.

While traditional indices are not a primary offering of the Bundle protocol, there is a necessity to offer a set of self-rebalancing “bundles” representative of various market sectors. Bundle will be releasing the following traditional indices upon launch.

  • BSC10 — Top 10 BSC-native tokens weighted by market cap roots.
  • DEFI10- Top 10 network-agnostic DeFi protocols (availability on BSC)
  • C3 — 33.3% BTC, 33.3% ETH, 33.3% BNB

Smart Pools

Bundle will offer Smart Pools, which are single asset funds with a dynamic asset allocation across multiple strategies. These pools will optimize the distribution of the underlying asset to various protocols based on time-averaged returns, ensuring long-term optimal exposure.

Smart Funds

Smart Funds will utilize the full functionality of Bundle’s protocol.

Stable Smart Funds

The Stable Smart Fund (SSF) will be comprised of DAI, USDT, USDC and BUSD dynamically allocated to smart pools, providing a diversified portfolio of stable assets, while maintaining optimal yield and full exposure to the DEFI ecosystem.

Smart Farming Funds

Bundle will offer a set of farming funds with differing risk profiles, each with a pre-defined volatility tolerance. These funds will function on a limited set of assets which may be phased into or out of the fund to hold a distribution of optimized farming positions. Position weights will be algorithmically adjusted as a function of time-averaged earnings and impermanent loss, ensuring that positions will naturally move toward lower risk pools. Note that, while the risk profile can be improved, tail risk ultimately cannot be predicted; this is, in-part, why smart farming funds are split based on the volatility/predetermined risk of underlying assets. We plan to implement the following as a later-stage offering, enabling diverse and optimized farming portfolio construction: Low Risk (LRYF), Moderate Risk (MRYF), and High Risk (HRYF).

Stay Tuned

We will be releasing our tokenomics and reward schedule soon as we prepare to launch early June. In the meantime, you can join us on our social channels listed below.

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