Bundle Architecture and Roadmap

Bundle Architecture Preview — Subject to Change During Implementation


In order to ensure frictionless product development and a unified product suite, we’ve decided to utilize the proxy upgrade pattern to ensure contract mutability. All control and upgradeability will be locked behind a Timelock, ensuring a sufficient level of security during contract upgrades.

While the security tradeoffs of upgradeability were taken into consideration, it was deemed the correct approach here, where governance can, in the future, dictate whether Bundles should be hard-locked to a specific implementation or remain upgradeable.

All control will be guarded behind a set of contracts responsible for a specific field of Bundle maintenance. Initially, this will be limited to a Controller (capable of modifying certain parameters, reweighting, etc) and a Rebalancer (a contract constraining swaps executed against the pool).

Bundles will be a modified fork of Balancer Core, enabling functionality such as ad-hoc token re-weighting or re-indexing. These will also implement support for new control structure, and support for smart pools in the future.

Pools will be a part of our next major product launch, and will allow Bundles to control how their underlying assets are utilized. Pools will control a single asset and implement a configurable weighting of underlying strategies; these could provide exposure to anything from trading strategies, to active lending or farming operations.

Single-sided pools are designed to be a highly flexible financial instrument; for clarity, these will provide fine-grained control for users to invest individual assets, while also granting funds the capacity to utilize underlying assets.


With a preview of upcoming architecture out of the way, that leads us to our roadmap! In order to ensure greater accuracy of product timelines, we’re limiting the time horizon of our initial roadmap to the next ~2 quarters.

  • Provision audits from Obelisk and Peckshield
  • Complete and deploy initial index contracts to mainnet
  • Launch and open rebalancer to the public
  • Release three static indices for high-cap, BSC, and DeFi projects respectively
  • Overhaul web UI/UX
  • Launch pools / strategies to mainnet
  • Provision secondary audits for new functionality
  • Team expansion!
  • Implement new token utility mechanisms
  • CEX listings
  • Cross-protocol partnerships

To describe the growth of Bundle as explosive would truly be an understatement. Thank you all so much for the support, and we’re excited for everything that’s to come!

The DeFi portfolio management protocol.