We’re excited to announce the upcoming launch of Bundle fee sharing! To learn more about what this entails and how to prepare, read on.

The Bundle protocol natively generates fees, as described in past articles. To recap, Bundle’s currently take an exit fee (default of 2% to prevent certain arbitrage…

What is Rebalancing?

Rebalancing is the act of adjusting a given portfolio’s distribution of underlying assets. This is a common and important risk mitigation strategy in portfolio management; one especially important to indices with set asset weightings.

While many other protocols tout the ability of a portfolio to be actively rebalanced, the approach…

Bundle Architecture Preview — Subject to Change During Implementation


In order to ensure frictionless product development and a unified product suite, we’ve decided to utilize the proxy upgrade pattern to ensure contract mutability. All control and upgradeability will be locked behind a Timelock, ensuring a sufficient level of security during contract upgrades.

While the security tradeoffs of upgradeability were…

Bundle Token

Bundle (BDL) will primarily serve as the governance token native to the platform. Bundle holders will both propose and vote to approve protocol upgrades, add new indices, add / adjust portfolio strategies, and manage the Bundle treasury. Expect updates soon on additional and exciting token utility!

Launch Strategy

Bundle DAO is taking…

Bundle DAO is a protocol built for passive, non-custodial portfolio management strategies while offering full exposure to the Binance Smart Chain DeFi ecosystem.

Traditional Indices

In traditional markets indices typically measure the performance of a bundle of assets intended to replicate a certain area of the market. These could…

Bundle DAO

The DeFi portfolio management protocol.

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